When we stop talking to ourselves we open ourselves to the vaults of eternity and the understanding of men, which can only be understood three dimensionally, gives way to knowing that is not of this world but of the infinity of which it is only a part. The language of infinity is silence and the sweetness of knowing, as the gods know, is simply known. There is no describing it in three dimensional terms, thus no reason for talking and explanation. Metaphorically, we need to see with our ears and to hear with our eyes that which can only come from an unspoken language we all know but have simply drowned out in the language of everyday life. The greater part of understanding is that which cannot be comprehended or explained by the languages we speak! When we stop talking to ourselves and silence the noise of language and thinking we become the receptors of understanding and knowing that descends upon us from the vast stores of the universe from which there is no beginning or ending.

We are literally a part of everything we see and don’t see in this universe.  We are inextricably connected at a deep level to all that is, was, or will ever be.  In fact, to say that we are connected to all that was, is or will be is a great example of the limitation of our languages. Past and future do not exist and cannot be a part of the now that we find ourselves in! We carry the past with us in our minds and the future we fantasize about but they are nonexistent and our language is remiss to give a concept of that. Instead we devise languages that gives them meaning and place in our limited understanding and we are forever trying to reconcile nonexistence with existence. They are both without meaning except to the mind that has quieted itself and the inner god who knows all things on some other level that cannot be put into to the words of language as we know it. Our existence is truly profound when we give up viewing it in the confinement of our own illusions that are constantly reinforced by our talking and thinking. Sometimes in the quiet stillness of the mind all that is simply is and that is all the knowing we need. At the energetic level everything just is!

The God of the Old Testaments stated, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever.”  It might be better said “I am yesterday, today and forever.” There are no distinctions between past, present and future in the realm of knowing quiet, distilled truth and all of us at one time or another have felt the peace that comes in that knowing. It settles upon us like mist and completely engulfs our mind and soul with an awareness that is unexplainable. Space and time lose their meaning at such times. Knowing is the most sublime dimension and it operates outside space and time as our language has described it. Knowing is the only place gods could ever make the statement that they are yesterday, today and forever because in such a place time and space have no bounds. They don’t exist. Three dimensional physics hold no ties to the infinite possibilities of knowing.

In the realm of gods there is no language of time or space. There isn’t a language of understanding that wrests our thinking and talking from an endless pursuit to comprehend everything three dimensionally. Gods know all things exist inside the present moment and whether we judge those things good or evil is of no consequence in infinity.  The space between the past and now or the future and now are nothing more than shadows.  Shadows of things we create and put there to fill a void.  A void that does not exist in infinity; A void of our own making.  There is no life past or life future.  It all is happening now, in the present and we don’t need to understand it!  We don’t need a historical context or three dimensional perspectives. The energy of life exists always and has never been disconnected in any way to time past or time future. There are no voids in space or time! The energy of life is always teeming and present and it permeates every construct we have created to define it in three dimensional terms. Energy is everywhere and energy is life!  All that we think we were or will be is all happening now and only in this now can we know what gods know!  In this present moment where the world has stopped, we as ageless existence, witness our oneness with it. It cannot be comprehended nor need it be. Our oneness with it transcends comprehension of the mind and simply makes us it!

We are the good that we love, the evil we hate, the darkness we fear, the light that gives hope.  We are all things, people, places we imagine or cannot imagine.  We are all thoughts and forms and are endowed with power to create the good we cherish or the evil we despise in this existence.  We are the beauty that loves and the ugliness that hates.  We are the then, the now, and the yet to be simultaneously in a never-ending timeless sea of infinite life. We are receptors of every form of energy that surrounds us continuously and endlessly and while we do not have a language, in this reality, that can accurately describe everything that is going on around us we do have a language, not of words and expressions, that communicates to us clearly that with everything in the universe we are a part! We are being spoken to by infinity every single moment of our lives and all we need to do is stop, be still and listen and in waves of indescribable beauty it pours into us.

The spectrum of time and space leaves us wondering for the “how” of all things.  Our egoic minds want to know order, chronology and placement in the reality we have created. We crave this knowing and want our language to describe it to us so we understand in relationship to our reality.

Instead of feeling the wonder of existence and our oneness with it we want to define it, thus diluting it in finite reason and dogmatic conjecture. We search for definitions and descriptions where none are needed nor will we ever be able to develop a language that could ever give adequate meaning to the spectacle of this infinite universe we are all a part of. We must leave the norms we have come to accept and step outside time and space to ever be able to know as the gods all the mysteries we seek to know and describe. Leaving the spectrum of time and space leaves us in absolute awe of everything.  Good is evil and evil is good.  It all just is.  We breathe all of it in and embrace it as what we are, without judgment and without question, historical context or analysis of any kind.  Only acceptance and love.  Not the love that ties us to anyone or anything, but the pure love that holds no boundary.  No limits.  No emotion.  Energetic love that exist in all things, at all times and in all places.

We have no words, no thoughts, no thinking.  Ego has blended into everything else and all struggles have ceased.  We have no arguments. The existence of every act, thought or thing is us as we are it.

Existence fills our bodies as our bodies fill existence.  All that is, is known to us because we are the knowing.  The seeker no longer seeks for that which is not understood.  Knowing requires no understanding.  “All is.”  We are the “all” that “is”.  Knowing simply rests upon us and it requires no words or expressions or thoughts or thinking to give it place in our existence. It fills us with wonder and awe that has no expression. In the quietness of mind knowing finds a place within where it instills itself and in that instant we know God for she is us and we are her.

“Be still and know the knowing.”  “You are god and in stillness she will find you.”

Adapted from the book: On Being God-Beyond Your Life’s Purpose!


Resolutions – No time for Masks; The “I’s” Have it!

New Years is a time many of us think of as a “renewal.”   This is a time when we can reassess the year just ending and realign ourselves to greater achievement and stronger commitment.  It is a time where we look to the oncoming year with new hope and newly expressed motivation.  This renewal is often short-lived and yet each year we recommit with new energy and determination.  Rarely do we ponder the reason that our resolutions have any staying power.

Perhaps the thing we all need to consider is that each of us is comprised of many masks all representing different aspects of ourselves that are only present when we need a particular characteristic to carry us through a given situation that a given mask represents.  Most of us wear dozens of masks who represent individual “I’s” that appear and disappear throughout the course of our daily and nightly routines.  We are never without them.  The obvious question, at this point, is what has any of this have to do with the making and breaking of our New Year’s resolutions?

Simply, if we do not have a consortium of “I’s” in alignment with a particular resolution we will be in a constant struggle with those “I’s” who are not on board.  Here’s an example:  One of the most tried and true New Year’s resolutions has something to do with improving health, e.g., lose weight, exercise, etc.  Let’s say that we commit to walk one mile each morning at six in the morning.  The “good health” “I” steps forward and fully commits to this simple but extremely useful resolution and we feel the sense of purpose and confidence that, while requiring some effort, will be an extremely valuable opportunity to improve overall health and fitness.  It’s a go starting January 2nd at 6:00 AM.

At 5:45 AM, January 2nd the alarm goes off just as planned and what happens.  While “good health I” is ready to go, “like’s to sleep, I,” who did not agree to any resolution is not ready to crawl out of bed and go for a walk.  Additionally, “well dressed I” is disgruntled that “I don’t have anything proper to wear on this walk.”  “Know it all I” jumps into the fray, as well, and contests that “I do not know enough about the nuances of walking to feel that it’s completely safe to do” and then of course “work I” comes forward with “we really need to catch up on some work and this time would be better served doing that, just this once, of course.”

All the other “I’s” come forward in these few seconds and the battle to overcome them begins.  Perhaps there is enough intensity from the “good health I” to force the others to go along but the conversation amongst them all is intense even though we may not hear anything.  Sounds corny, I know, but we all have this going on inside us and rarely do we ever consider that what one “I” believes is useful and good is anathema to the others and outside our conscious awareness they will attack any goal, plan or resolution that they have not bought into!

Our intentions need to incorporate the desires of all our “I’s” or at least have a majority if we are going to ever be successful pulling off New Year’s resolutions;  or any resolutions, plans or goals for that matter.  Too often we let a single “I” commit to something only to see it fall unglamorously to the wayside underneath the taunts and jeers of all the other “I’s.  All of us recognize that we have masks but few of us” ever try to have them integrated when we take on new things.  In fact, most of us don’t even consider that the “I’s,” that are our makeup, have any bearing on anything we plan to take on and,  quietly let our well-intentioned resolutions slip into the dark and dingy hall of failures without even considering what happened.

Talk to your “I’s”; all of them.  Even the ones we hate to admit exist like the mean, angry or scared ones.  They will tell you what they need and give insight into how to make things we plan work or at least have a better chance of working.  The only other alternative is to have them take apart everything we desire and bury it long before we were given any chance to succeed.

The best resolution is the one that takes the entire cast of “I’s” into the New Year.

A View on Compassion (via Cbozeman’s Blog)

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via Cbozeman's Blog