Giants in the Land

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men of renown.   Genesis 6: 4

These words while written thousands of years ago could not be more poignant then , then they are now and while they are somewhat nebulous and cryptic it is believed that they were written just prior to the flood describe in the Old Testament.  It is also believed that they were written during a time when there was great upheaval in the world.

Many believe we are in such a time now and yet the times now would suggest there is a great settling in the earth in that there are more people alive now than at any other age or time and that human existence is now unfettered by the horrific slaughter of humans by other humans.  There continues to be wars and physical conditions that take life from our planet but it is not nearly of the scale and magnitude of the last century.  Those being born into the world are surviving at a rate unprecedented in history and even in just the last few years.  It is as if spectators are gathering for some cosmic event , yet to come, and which can only be viewed on our tiny little planet.  One can only speculate.

Along with this population growth and relative non-destruction of human life we have also seen a disappearance of local and world leaders who are of renown and who actually lead.  They are not to be found in the institutions we once looked to for great and inspiring advocates of human consciousness, moderation and wisdom yet we continue looking to those places as if they might somehow or in someway emerge.

Government, institutions of higher learning, science and religion are besought with treachery and graft.  Instead of laying the groundwork for honesty and integrity they foster sullenness, intellectual superiority, greed, waste and complacency.  Little did the framers of the constitution of the United States ever contemplate that the very institutions they formed would become the house of corruption!

The only quality we look to in the institutions, once thought to be bastions of integrity, is that of “intellect” which has become the father of moral decay.  The intellectual cannot know what we feel.  Ever!  They can only know what they “think” they know.  Where have all the leaders gone?

Surely with the sheer numbers of people increasing the world over there are “great ones” among us, but where?  We cannot look to government or religion or universities for inspired leaders.  These institutions wreak of dishonesty, avarice, pride and condescension.  They are no longer the breeding ground  for people with character and integrity.  All these institutions seem to do anymore is create faithful soldiers who will uphold whatever illusion they have accepted.  We don’t find inspired leaders in industry, entertainment, media, news organizations or any other place we once thought they would be.

We witnessed in the last presidential election “ugliness” unprecedented in U.S. history and it was not just the candidates who ran for various offices.  It was “We the People!”  And after all the vitriol and ugliness of an election process no leaders emerged.  That is not to say there were no victors but we are still a “leaderless” country and the world at large suffers from the same dearth as we here in the United States.  Still we continue to look around for someone who will lead us into new horizons we can only imagine exist.  We have been so conditioned to see life from our particular viewpoint and we select our leaders because they supposedly carry a similar point of view and so complete is our idea of their complicity with our own that we will resort to saying things like, “I know he or she is not the best but he/she is the lesser of two evils.”  Did you get that?  “The lesser of two evils!”   Have we, in lieu of leaders who are not there, settled for evil?

Are there no persons of “renown” among us?  Surely there must be but where?

In truth they are among us and have been for a while.  Some sense it but others have yet to discover their own renown.  Most are currently beset with the idea that the institution or character of their liking, their persuasion, is the way out and they hope, in vain, that things will turn in their way.  It is an easy way out of looking to themselves as the “giants” they truly are.  Some have discovered their innate integrity but are remiss to step forward with their own awareness that will greatly inspire and lift the rest of us.  Sadly, some have sold themselves already to their cause and its institutional counter part and are lost to their own inner light.  In other words many of the elect have been deceived and have taken their followers with them.

The giants are among us, none the less, and not only must we begin to recognize them but they too must rise up and see us as well.  Perhaps, as you read this, recognize, that you are one of them.  If you are searching for such individuals this alone speaks to your own greatness.  Think about it.  Those who see the light amid the darkness are the ones we are all really looking for and they will never affiliate with an institutional idea or belief.  Institutional leadership has failed in every clime and it is no longer the way back to the light we seek.  In fact, the giants among us will disenfranchise all institutions and beliefs because any affiliations with them would be the equivalent of bringing “sheep to the slaughter.”

The giants will show us a new way which ultimately will break what is.  It is the only way out of our illusory stupor.  Government, religion or any other system as we know it will never function in an enlightened society but “the way” must be forged by new blood, inspiration and intuition.  Those ingredients already permeate the land but for now they are silent.  Many have not recognized that they are part of the pathway to light and that they have but to step out of the darkness.  They indeed will bring enlightenment and hope to a world that struggles.

Careful;  they are not who you might think they are.  We have yet to see them but they are here.  I call to them as do all the inhabitants of the earth!  What we all must do as the groundwork for their emergence is to stop looking to the world’s institutions and current leaders to solve the worlds problems.  The “world” has demonstrated comprehensively that it knows not what it does.  The giants and people of renown will show us all and the showing resides not in the institutions we believe must change.  It resides in the compassion, honor, dignity and integrity they will replace all the old forms with.

Who are these giants; these people of renown?  Look to yourself.  You already know.