What do you do to be enlightened?

I was asked these two questions about enlightnment recently and wanted to share my thoughts with each of you as well. Here is the Question:

Do you think that we can all one day become enlightened? If so, what do we need to do?

My Response:    There is no “day” in some future time that we become enlightened. There is no future at all. Each of us already is enlightened and at various points in our lives we see it. Those who do get a glimpse of it are usually pulled into it by some event, such as the death of a loved one, or something else that causes deep reflection in which no “answer” comes.  Most people who have such an experience can always recount the emotional state they felt in such times but they almost always revert back to the egoic need to explain what is going on.  Most come to some conclusion that their “prayer” was answered or that an Ahhhh Haaa came to them and they understood in a way they hadn’t before.  What gets lost in these conclusions is that in that moment where no answer existed is the only place that enlightenment occurred.

In other words, enlightenment is not some magical, mystical awareness of all the, so called, “Big Questions.”  Enlightenment is the “nothing” that
existed before the “ego” needed an explanation.  It is the sweetness of being in the presence of absolute silence and not needing an explanation
for everything.  In that place there is no fear, love, happiness, sadness or any other emotional state. There is nothing but silence and it is in that
“not knowing” that “all” is known and none of it needs definition.

What do “we” need to do?  “Be still and know that YOU are god.”  In other words, unmask who it is that occupies your body by silencing the mind.  In
this place you will experience the grand mystery of which we are all a part. It’s all you can do. There is no “we” in this unmasking. You’re own
enlightenment will enlighten others.  The “god” that you are is never invisible to the “god” that they are. Something inside us always sees the greater light but it is in the quiet of the mind.  Quiet your mind and discover the “everything” that is contained in the “nothing.”  This is your enlightenment.

This is what you can do.


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  1. I cannot imagine pure silence. It is almost scary…. like falling into an abyss with no control and no bottom.

    • You describe it perfectly Cindy. And it is scary, however, isn’t it sad that the state in which enlightenment occurs would be anathema to the mind? We are taught so profoundly well that noise, and chattering mind is where it’s at and it could not be any further from the truth. Let yourself go my dear friend and fall headfirst into th “abyss.” You will not regret it!! What’s on the other side will astound you and of course….YOU will be enlightened!! All my best,


  2. good thoughts on this. I disagree on one point and that is that emotion doesn’t exist within the context of enlightenment. The attachment and judgement around those emotions releases and this allows them to flow and not become locked in stasis which is what the mind does. I tend to find that most enlightened people seem pretty damn happy, or what we would call that. They may not judge it the same which is what allows them to well up with more and more positive energy and continue their “enlightenment.“ Ultimately enlightenment to me is the the inability for the outside to effect your inside. That is the most important piece to the puzzle and the most empowering thing anyone can learn in this life.

    • Good point Bret. Emotions are part of the conditioned mind and are typically attached to our physical response when having the proverbial ahhhh haaaaa moment or other physical experience whether good or bad. You are wise beyond your years. Thanks for that most important clarification! Best,


  3. For me, enlightenment in its simplest manifestation is the innate ability to ‘view’ our existence from the ‘outside’. Viewing is seeing the big picture: being holistic. The outside is what is, not what we think of as is. Our human imagination cannot encompass this vision, nothing in this life has prepared us to receive it. Shamans have glimpsed something and that something is not universal, but pertinent to each. They all have differing visions. Yogis also have a vision, even down to the quantum level, but the whole picture ? I do not know.

    • Andrew, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. there is a say that “as soon as you think you know what enlightenment is you are no longer enlightened” or something to that effect. I agree with you in the “not knowing.” I think it is possible to know but I don’t think it can be described using human language. Human language is too confining. all our language can to is perhaps “point” to aspects of it as you describe, gurus and shaman’s getting glimpses. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I sincerely appreciate it.


      • I do not claim to ‘know’ what enlightenment is, or how to achieve it. The same goes for quantum mechanics: if you think you understand q m then you probably don’t. It is not important to know what either is, of course. But is it possible to glimpse it. As I say, some yogis have glimpsed quantum ‘particles’ or energy, and have given a description, which has interested at least some physicists. There is good reason, perhaps, to say some have glimpsed an existence outside this earthly one. “what do you do to be enlightened ?” sounds like a practical question. The practical art (and science) of meditation enabled the yogis to ‘see’ sub atomic particles, perhaps ‘heaven’. I know we have been conditioned to believe these concepts. But as I say, I think we have an innate ability, especially as a child (without conditioning), to visualise, if only a glimpse, something outside this present existence. If we are part of a whole, then there exists entities that do not share this ‘reality’. Ones that a child can see clearly. Their description of these ‘angels’ are relevant only to themselves, as Lorna Byrne says.
        Does to be enlightened mean to see outside this existence ? There is this and possibly many other existences, but only one ‘real’ state of being, the One. Since the One fragmented to many parts before creating this earthly universe, it is entirely possible we created a pre-existence to accommodate our preferences and desires. Might it be to glimpse this, that I do to be ‘enlightened’.

  4. What an excellent post … If only more could understand we contain ALL we need within.. And yet so many of us have forgotten ALL we know..
    Many thanks for clicking the follow button upon Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary… Pleased to meet … I can see I will enjoy reading more of your posts…. and will be back.. Thank you
    Sue~ Dreamwalker

    • Sue, thank you so much. i am so honored and pleased that you enjoyed the post. I was browsing through your blog as well. I am so looking forward to getting to know you and sharing a wonderful friendship. Thanks, again my dear friend. All my best,


  5. Just dropping by on a regular visit, and I read this post again… 🙂

    • Thanks Sue, so much. I appreciate you so much and am so honored that you enjoyed the post. What a wonderful friend you are. Sending you love and blessings always.


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