A View on Compassion

Recently I was asked a question by someone visiting my website. Here is the question and what follows is my response. While the response is a bit lengthy I believe there is some important information for those who ask the same questions. I’d love to hear your response.

Comments: I just continue to have a problem with people who take other’s lives and rape etc. I find that difficult to be ok with and that it is the god within at work you have to be kidding me. How can we offer love to human life forms who are capable of this???? We must still believe that there are many who are not Intuitive enough to realize who they are or from where they came… so walk a destructive physical life. How can we be ok with this and offer love to these people??? Please explain to me…

My Response:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You ask, perhaps, the most complex questions that can be asked for any human living in this existence. There is no easy answer mainly because our egos get so attached to what they have determined to be right or wrong in the world. You must think of yourself (we all must) as two individuals. One that is human and one that is divine (God). The human is everything physical that you experience including your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, etc. The divine is the observer of the experience the human is having. The divine does not interfere with the human experience because, after all, the divine came here specifically to have the human (that YOU are) experience. It did not come here to change anything. I know this sounds a bit bizarre, but the essence of our human existence is to experience the wondrous-ness of being humans and to interfere (as gods could) would be to alter the reality of that experience.

After having established this, I will try to answer your questions. Let me be perfectly clear that “the god within” as you mentioned could be okay with rape, murder and all the other forms of violence we experience in the world. Gods, as I mention in my Book “On Being God-Beyond Your Life’s Purpose” do not encroach upon the experience of other gods. They have no need or inclination to do so simply because they possess all the power to create whatever they want. Having said that, however, as for this human experience the “divine” in us has also agreed not to interfere in the “human” condition as part of the overall “human” experience. It is the “human” condition that commits the acts of violence and control on other humans. It is the human condition that tries to stop it and it is the human condition that decides if it is “ok” or “not ok” to “offer love” to those who commit such acts. Nothing that is going on in the physical sense is “because” of gods. It is all because of humans.

As a human, you can decide whether to “offer love” to those who perpetrate such things on other humans or not. As gods the question of “love” doesn’t even come into question. What comes into question for the divine in you is compassion. Now, the world has misunderstood
the meaning of compassion. The world (egos) thinks of compassion as a higher form of love which it is not. Compassion has nothing to do with love. The only words we have in our human language (English) to adequately describe compassion is “acceptance of  everything” (careful not to confuse acceptance with apathy). Gods “accept” what is because they know that in the grand spectrum none of what goes on here “as humans” has any significance in the “eternal” spectrum.

What has happened in this “human” experience is that the “ego”, both individual and collective, has attempted to “out do” what is divine in us and in so doing has gotten out of control, to say the least! In other words, those who commit such horrible things no longer know
what they are doing. They are, for the most part, cut off from the divine nature within and have been largely taken over by the egoic nature that always looks outward for satisfaction and satisfaction often takes on vengeful and inconsiderate forms. Vicki, “they know not what they do.”

Here is why I say that we try in every way to love such individuals. To be angry, vengeful and unforgiving of those who have lost their way is to put yourself in the same kind of mind-set as they are. In other words, the ego in you is saying “why should ‘I’ be this or that” when they have done “this or that,” which “I,” for whatever reason, believe is wrong. Do you see this? You cannot fight against that which you despise or don’t accept (these are egoic responses) and not have it running wild in your experience. Love is a verb. It is one of the only things that can “actively” alter the egoic nature of the human experience, be it, individually or collectively simply because “love” alters YOU – not them. If you are holding on to your feelings of disapproval, anger and indignation, you are being as “disconnected” from the divine in you as any of those you judge to have hurt you or others. Your path is as “destructive” as theirs; not to say that you harm or hurt others but destructive to your own spiritual well-being. Why would you do that to yourself, Vicki?

In the end, Vicki, you choose (as a human) how you can view this experience. However, in the infinite scheme of things, none of what happens here matters. You will proceed into eternity as the God that you are and you will not judge anything that happened here or anywhere else, because everything to our innately divine nature is wonderful. As gods we don’t “see” with eyes that judge. We only see that everything is “good.” That is the “compassionate” nature the god who dwells within you. Find the divine in you and you will experience this knowing. Question every one of your judgments for they are of the ego. This is how you can tell whether or not you are connected to the divine within you.

Long answer to your question, Vicki. I hope you will contemplate what I have said. As I state on my website, “my purpose is to help get you out of your mind”. When you discover that YOU are not your body, your mind or your ego you will be at the point of discovering “WHO” you really are. It will amaze you how that will change your life. I wish you all the best in your spiritual endeavors.




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  1. didnt quite grasp it all but will read it again i find it easy to forgive some people but not others i believe that we do make our own life here and god doesnt intervene as we all have lessons to learn one persons bad deed is anothers downfall but who helps the person who is murdered or raped is that their fate that god sits back and lets that happen its a truly hard thing to believe i will be back to read some more xxjen

    • Jenny, Compassion is a tough one, but it is a quality of the divine within each one of us. Finding inner self is the way to knowing compassion. Thanks for your comment.

  2. hi just came by to say hello hope you have a lovely weekend xxjen

  3. Never thought of anybody (or myself) being “divine” … but I do know about compassion (I think) … but then again you mentionend the difference between acceptance and apathy … I think my brain is exploding … give me a minute … or two … or maybe a life time … or two … I’m not sure I’ll ever grasp your concept of compassion. Thanks for sharing though, I will be back for sure, Carl. Love, cat.

    • Hi Cat,

      I apologize for not responding a bit sooner. I’m still trying to figure out WordPress. Compassion is tricky because we don’t have a language that allows us to speak in truly spiritual terms. What I mean by that is that our languages are tailored specifically for the ego so when we get into the “otherness” of life experience we all tend to revert to what we have been taught along the way and meanings get lost. Compassion is often thought of as intense love or caring but those are emotional tendencies which evoke deep “physical” responses (emotions). Compassion is a place of power that “knows” that “outcomes” are unimportant in an infinite experience. When we overcome our “emotional” responses to things and see the divine in everything (and we are divine) we embrace all facets of life with a love that just can’t be explained. You don’t “feel” compassion; you know it. I know, I know I’m making this more complicated.

      In any case Cat I appreciate your comments and so look forward to interacting with you again. Please look me up on facebook. Have a wonderful day. All my love….Carl

  4. Thanks Jen. I’m still here. Thanks for checking in. You may be interested in signing up for my news letter at http://www.spiritual-intuition.com. I’m giving away a free ebook titled “Addressing the God That You Are – Who is Listening. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    Much love


  5. […] A View on Compassion (via Cbozeman’s Blog) Some good questions asked about “A view of Compassion.” also a way is described on how to get a free copy of my ebook “Addressing the God That You Are – Who is Listening. Take a look, Recently I was asked a question by someone visiting my website. Here is the question and what follows is my response. While the response is a bit lengthy I believe there is some important information for those who ask the same questions. I'd love to hear your response. Comments: I just continue to have a problem with people who take other's lives and rape etc. I find that difficult to be ok with and that it is the god within at work you have to b … Read More […]

  6. Thank you for this. I was just trying to explain this concept to my mom and would like to with others as well but was having trouble coming up with the words. This has helped me to find some clarity on the explanation of what I was feeling inside but was struggling to express.

    • Marilyn,

      I’m so glad you found this useful and I hope your efforts to explain some of this to your mother goes well. These are difficult concepts for most to wrap their heads around, as you well know, but in order for “we” as humans to shift in to higher awareness and come to a the knowing that “we are the divine” we will all need to look within and discover that nature. I wish you all the best. You may also want to go to my website at http://www.spiritual-intuition.com for more subjects and more information. If you sign up for my newsletter you will receive a copy of my latest ebook “Addressing the God That You Are – Who is Listening.”

      All my love,


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