Are You Worthy of Your Dreams?

The statement: “You are worthy of your dreams” is to accept that you, at the present moment” are less than those dreams. Actually, YOU are the “dreamer” therefore you are greater than the “dreamed.” To try to convince yourself of “worthiness” is really an affirmation of “unworthiness.” People will often condescendingly refer to themselves as “not being perfect” as if to say ” I accept my imperfection but my efforts to improve will compensate for my lack of “worthiness.””

Every single one of us is perfect! Now there are many now who will agree with this but with the caveat: “I’m perfect in (a) or (my own) certain way” which, again, is another way questioning worthiness. We are so good at putting ourselves down we don’t even know we are doing it. Or, we have somehow convinced ourselves that we are somehow “more worthy” if we openly acknowledge our unworthiness.

Worthiness of ones self should never come into play in our daily expressions but more importantly in our thinking. We cannot fail at life. It is simply not possible and therefore nothing we do, say or think will ever be able to stand in the way of us “being” a full expression of “who” we are. Who we are is so much greater than any description the human mind can conceive. There simply is no need to try to describe, in terms the mind understands, how incredible each one of us “uniquely” is. Any attempt to describe it will fail because we don’t have the mind or the communicative skills to express it. Consequently we shouldn’t even try!

Don’t question your worthiness. Simply…dream, dream big, dream, dream, dream…then “be.”