Non Consciousness, consciousness and unconsciousness

In our three-dimensional reality awareness gets reduced to either non-consciousness, consciousness or unconsciousness. In the non-conscious state, we sense the world through our bodies. Every cell in our bodies is a receptacle for millions and millions of pieces of information streaming in from the environment. It is total awareness of everything going on at every level possible in the human including the spiritual or soul level. It includes the five sense stimulation but none of the other inputs are overwhelmed by physical sensing and no sorting or discarding of information takes place. Only intuitive sensing is taking place and sureness of situations and surroundings is all that is known.

We almost never reach this state or perhaps it is better to say we almost never “return” to this state. The process of becoming adults in our three-dimensional reality pushes us into consciousness and most of our ability to sense the world at the higher level of “non-consciousness” is forgotten.  Consciousness is the narrowing of non-conscious awareness down to a very focused “few pieces” of information that becomes what we sense as the world around us. It is a limited view of the world and is mostly only known through the five physical senses we all possess.

In consciousness, we filter out the greater part of life that is streaming in at a phenomenal rate every second. Consciousness is limited awareness because of this filtering.  Even at that, the view of reality through the five senses is an incredible view. There is beauty all around and we can see it in the particular way our senses and conscious filtering has been conditioned to see it. It might be said that the filtering of consciousness is the result of our unique conditioning that began at birth and has been a process of reaffirming that awareness ever since. Consciousness is a degradation of non-consciousness and unconsciousness is a degradation of consciousness.

Unconsciousness happens when our consciousness is overwhelmed by our identity with the illusory world of consciousness. In other words, we become so fixated on the illusion of consciousness that we grab hold of everything we think is important and hold on to it as if our very lives depended on it and to let go or have these things taken from us sets in motion all the crazy “goings on” we can attribute to the current and ongoing “human condition.” Aggressively we go after those things perceived to be important and fearlessly we hold on to them once we have them. This becomes our identity and almost the reason for living. We give so much of our energy to it.

Consciousness gets buried in this struggle and non-consciousness all but disappears. At this point, life becomes a getting and having instead of living and all that that entails gets lost in the shuffle. Most of us exist somewhere between the conscious and unconscious states of awareness. At times we are moved at the beauty and wonder we sense through our physical states but ultimately we revert back to the “other” things our unconsciousness has identified with and we go back to the life of getting and having.

Somehow we must come to realize that nothing in this life is ever ours. We really don’t “need” anything. There is never a need to get ourselves into a state that we must get so we can have. Our inherent nature, the part of us that is non-conscious, has abundance power and awareness that dwarfs anything we could possibly want or have in this life. The universe is ours. We created it and no one “needs” of anything when we realize our divine natures.

To be conscious we need to dis-identify with those things we think make us who we are and let go of all the baggage of life that makes us unconscious. To be non-conscious we need to reconnect to that divine part of ourselves that is aware of everything. It is an infinite awareness. It is the playground of gods!