How Real is Your Illusion??

Take this simple test of awareness to determine how comprehensive and strong your illusion of life really is. 

If everything as you now know it was washed away completely and you could re-construct your life anyway you chose, either completely or partially, what would your new life look like? Answer the questions below honestly and thoughtfully. 

How would you be living?  Would you change anything about your current living conditions?

What kind of work would you be doing?  What would your career path look like, what employment positions would you hold and how would your salary be different from what it is,etc?  What would you like your credentials to be as far as accomplishments, affiliations, colleges or universities, grades and other forms of recognition and status?  

What would government look like, both nationally and locally, in your newly constructed reality?

How would you change or alter the schools, both for you or any children you have?  What would your educational background look like? 

Would you travel more?  How would you travel and where would you travel to? 

What would you look like?  Would you change anything about your looks, health, fitness level, weight, ethnicity, color, etc?  What kinds of foods would you prepare for yourself and your family?  Would you eat out more?  How would you dress?  

What things would you do that you don’t do now? What things would you stop doing that you are doing now?

How would you define “American dream” (if you’re an American)?  Are you now living your dream or would you alter things to achieve it?  What would be different in that dream from what you have now? 

How would you define prosperity, success or failure in this new reality?  

Now take a moment to ponder the things you have changed or altered.  How are they different from the way things are now?  This is important because most who answer these questions will have created for themselves bigger and better versions of what they already have.  If what you have answered are extensions of what already is or enforcement to make things better, as you see it, then the illusion you have is deeply rooted and the reality you accept is very limited in its scope or range of possibilities. Most people’s illusions, by the way, are.

It is typical to see things that are as all there is to choose from. For instance, some may have thought about a bigger house with more rooms, bigger kitchen, etc. which is nothing more than a bigger or better version of what they are already living in. This is very typical and many self-help teachers will lead us in that direction as if wanting bigger and better versions of what we already have is where we should direct our thinking and emotional energy.  It is difficult to imagine anything outside of or beyond what we know or have been conditioned to accept as all there is.

Go back and look at the questions again and try to answer them without making extensions of what already is, or without having bigger or better of what you already have.  Be very creative. Even abstract and silly. Try to imagine outside of what you know or think you know.  Are bigger and better versions of what we already have really all there is in an infinite universe of which we are the creative center? You will begin to break free of the illusion you accept the more you imagine a world and life that doesn’t look anything like what we see now. 

Break free of the illusion of this reality and your awareness of the infinite expands. The more your awareness expands, the freer you become.

Good Luck!


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