Now Versus Then

Chronological time is a great deceiver in perceiving the the future relative to the past or present. As humans, living in three dimensional time and space,we have come to accept that the events of our lives occur on a continuum and that somehow we must categorize the past in such a way that it flows seamlessly into the future. In fact it might be said that the events of the past lead to the events of the future. In truth they do not. Time is a point not a line. There is no chronological time when it comes to life and living. The only place of “time” in our existence is now; this very instant. In this instant we control everything in our lives and we have power to change anything past or future. Power is in the present! Altering the past or knowing the future is nothing compared to the creative power we possess at this very moment, however, to say moment implies a time continuum that locks us in time. Perhaps the better way to express or think about time is as a sequence of chronological events.

Time in and of itself does not exist. It is nothing more than a mental construct designed to allow referencing and sequential order to the events and circumstances of our lives. In reality the point at which an event occurs is of no consequence to the actual event itself. In other words “it doesn’t matter “when” an event happened as much as that “it” happened in the first place.” The time or sequence of an event adds no value to the event in terms of it’s effect on us. It is only the point at which we experience something that it has any effect on us and at that very moment time, as we have come to think of it, has stopped. In fact, not only has it stopped it has ceased to exist at all.

Our need to find sequencing and factor time into our reality only pulls us backward or forward and away from “all” there is and all there will ever be, which is right now. If you look at the events of your life on an infinite scale where does time come into it? It can’t because on an infinite scale time is completely irrelevent.

It is the mind of man, the ego, that needs referencing of time and as a result the mind catalogs the events of our lives in such a way that we can reconstruct our history in an endless effort to find meaning, purpose and cause for everything that has occurred and to explain why we are the way we are. Time is part of our illusion. It’s trap is to tie us to the past in a way that makes us think that from the past comes the future or that without knowledge of it we are doomed to repeat it. In both cases it is part of an eloborate illusion our egocentric minds have devised to keep us from the power that exists in the present.

Now is all that matters. Now has no ties to the past and no concerns about the future. Staying as fully present and in the now as possible is the only way to know the inner self and to find our divine nature. Divinity knows not time. You are a god regardless of what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

The power of gods resides right here right now. Be still, feel the now and know that god is within you.

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